March 13th, 2019

Black Hawk Waste Disposal is making every attempt to pick up our trash and recycling customers.  However, the counties of Fayette, Black Hawk, and Buchanan are urging us to keep the heavy equipment off the gravel secondary roads.

In this scenario, the only thing we can do is re-open travel when the roads are in better condition and are safer to drive on.  Frost boils and super-slick ice patches are making some roads unable to travel.  The image above is the condition of some of the roads after heavy equipment travels on these roads and we have been instructed to stay off for the time being.  We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this treacherous February/March weather.

If you have any questions regarding the routes or your pickup days, please feel free to contact us at 319-232-4150 or via email at