Updates for April 12th, 2019

Landfill Closed Thursday April 11, 2019 Update
With the high winds yesterday, the landfill was closed and our routes are running behind. We are working to get everyone picked up as quickly as possible.

Residential Routes – Being picked up as scheduled except roads affected by soft gravel. If you are on soft gravel please see our gravel roads update below.

Commercial Customers (businesses with our metal containers, usually with flip lids) – Our trucks are running as scheduled but are running part of yesterday’s routes intertwined with today’s routes.  Please be patient as we are doing everything possible to catch the routes up before the weekend.  Some Friday stops may get picked up on Saturday.

Industrial Customers (factories, construction, large construction dumpsters, compactors etc) – Running as normal but yesterdays loads are now with today’s loads which doubles the workload.  We have extra drivers running loads to help catch up due to yesterday’s landfill closing.

Gravel Road Update
The warm, wet weather continue to wreak havoc on gravel road conditions with frost boils as the moisture heaves the ground and makes it ultra-soft in spots. This has caused our normal garbage trucks to sink to their axles when travelling and can be very dangerous and damaging to the road. We have been urged to travel with extreme caution. We apologize that some customers have not had their trash picked up in rural gravel roads on schedule recently due to the soft-terrain.

As of today we have a smaller-style truck that is capable of traversing the soft gravel roads and most rural gravel customers should be picked up going forward on their normal schedule. Our residential pickups that are curbside with bags or plastic containers will be picked up today. Our residential pickups that are currently using metal-containers that are hoisted into the back of the truck to be emptied will not be able to be picked up until the gravel roads are more dry.

There are still some gravel roads we will not be able to traverse and unfortunately we will not have a way to list all of these roads until we come to them. For the average gravel road, we are going to be doing all residential pickups unless it falls into a non-traversable category. Roads that will not be able to be picked up include but are not limited to: roads that are closed, have an embargo, or a weight limit. If you are unsure if you are going to be picked up please contact us.

If you are missed, be aware that our drivers have been instructed to do extra pickups for any customers affected by the gravel road once we are able to travel their roads.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 319-232-4150 or Sales@blackhawkwaste.com. We thank you for your patience and consideration.