About Black Hawk Waste

Black Hawk Waste Disposal was established back in 1978 and has grown to be the largest and most experienced hauler in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. Our company specializes in providing several different methods of junk removal and trash removal, as well as porta potty rentals. But enough about the services, let’s talk a little bit about the employees and staff.

General Manager

Our General Manager Blane Benham, an avid camper and golfer, has been with the company since 1984! He has been the General Manager for our company since 1992. With this kind of experience, it allows our company to make very intuitive decisions regarding your service levels and how to get the most “bang for your buck”. Whether it’s dumpsters you need or trash collection, our knowledge will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Cedar Valley Recycling

We also own a recycling company by the name of Cedar Valley Recycling which specializes in paper recycling, cardboard recycling, plastic recycling, and metal recycling. By running 2 locations, we have separated the Operations Team into 2 titles.

Operations/Sales Managers

Scott Brunson is the Operations/Sales Manager for Black Hawk Waste Disposal and has 5 years experience in the industry. Starting in Sales and Dispatch, this softball enthusiast has learned a great deal about the customers by talking to them on a daily basis and visiting first hand with many of them.

Mark Lawson is the Operations Manager for Cedar Valley Recycling. Starting in Sales also, he has established a great relationship with many of our customers. This hockey fanatic, is a good numbers guy who has a knack for analyzing data and trends.