Black Hawk Waste Disposal is the Cedar Valley’s largest and most experienced trash and recycling hauler in the area!  Since 1978, Black Hawk Waste Disposal has service the Cedar Valley offering more services than ANY OTHER HAULER!  Yep, even the 2 largest haulers in the world!

Let’s start with Residential Service shall we?  Black Hawk Waste offers residential trash service to many cities around the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.  Although these 2 cities service their own residential trash customers, we service just about any other city within miles, including but not limited to: Hudson, Gilbertville, Laporte City, Washburn, Evansdale, Jesup, Independence, Fairbank, Oelwein, Hazleton, Maynard, Fayette, Elgin, Waucoma, Clermont, Randalia, Hawkeye, St. Lucas, Denver, and the list goes on and on!  In most areas, we will even provide a tote to use!

In some cities and designated populated areas, we also offer a curbside recycling program.  This program offers the opportunity for a 2nd container that allows cardboard, plastic, paper, tin and aluminum to be mixed in one container, picked up and hauled to a recycling center.  This allows the product to be recycled instead of landfilled to help the environment.  Call us today at 319-232-4150 if you would like a free quote for residential trash service. 

Our Commercial Service can be customeized to fit almost any application.  From 65ga containers to 8 cubic yard containers, we can provide them in rear load or front load options to customize the garbage collection and curbside recycling service for any application.
Have a small corral?  Let’s use smaller containers on wheels!
Half of your waste stream is cardboard?  We’ll add a cardboard container and decrease your trash service!
Corral won’t fit a large container?  Let’s do small containers and increase weekly pick ups!  (We offer 6 days a week service in Waterloo/Cedar Falls area)

No job too small or too large for Black Hawk Waste Disposal!  Speaking of too large, what about the rental of large open tops for big clean-outs?  We have you covered with our large roll-ff container service!

Roll-offs, or open tops they are frequently called) come in 4 basic sizes: 12 cubic yard, 20yd, 30yd and 40yd containers.  Roll-offs can be ordered depending on the amount of trash you have to remove.  An easy way to help is imagine all the trash you need to dispose of and putting it in back of a full-size pickup and heaping it to the top of the cab.  That is approximately 4 cubic yards of trash.

When ordering containers, you always want to go larger, than smaller to save money but not too large.  So if you are thinking you might be somewhere between a 12yd and a 20yd container, I would go with the 20yd but not the 30yd.  Containers are priced by volume AND labor.  The more times we haul it, the more it costs you so you want to make sure you can get most of it in the least amount of hauls to save money.  But be careful with how long the job takes, because there are time limits also.  Call one of our trash and recycling experts at 319-232-4150 or email us at for advice and suggestions to get the most bang for your buck!

But wait!  We’re not done!  We also offer a full line of Compactors and Balers for really large jobs and facilities that need to pack as much garbage/cardboard as possible.  These systems are usually installed for permanent applications due to cost but can save those large facilities lots of money on hauls.

No job too small or too large!  Look us up here on Facebook!  Call us at 319-232-4150 for questions regarding any job.


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