Below is a list of recycling materials that are accepted and not accepted.
We ask that you do not bag your recycling. Please empty them directly into your recycling bin. This helps when it comes time to separate the materials.

Paper Products Cardboard Boxes Dairy Jugs
Newspaper File Folders Plastic Water Bottles
Junk Mail Dairy Cartons Soda bottles
Magazines Soda can boxes Soap containers
Phone Books Cereal boxes Hygiene containers
Mail/Envelopes Corrugated cardboard  
Copy Paper Shipping boxes  
Brown paper bags Dry food boxes  
Catalogs Shoe boxes ALUMINUM/METAL
Colored paper Tissue boxes Soda cans
White paper Laundry boxes Canned Food containers
Bagged Shredded Paper Detergent boxes  
Paper Products Liquid Cartons (Milk, juice)  

Appliances Liquids Tires
Batteries Plastic Rings from 6-packs Yard waste
Bubble Wrap Electronic Waste Glass/Mirrors
Christmas Lights Light Bulbs (Of any kind) Plastic Lids/Caps
Food Waste Paint Porcelain
Plastic Bags Aluminum Foil Motor Oil Containers
Polystyrene Ceramics Coffee Cups
Medical Waste Cloth items Disposable Gloves
Waxy Paper/Cardboard Grocery bags Pesticide Containers