The Customer is Our Priority

To make the customer a priority, takes the commitment of your employees to establish the best possible garbage removal service we can perform. What does this mean for you?

  • Dumpster rental is our specialty! Any size you need up to 40 cubic yard containers!
  • We offer recycling services for everything from paper to cardboard to wood to tin.
  • We have a large fleet of LOCAL trucks that can dump (& return) your container faster!
  • We offer garbage collection through residential service in many communities outside city capabilities.
  • We have dumpsters for rent for any occasion.

Rear Load Truck

A rear load truck backs up to the container, hooks the container onto the back, and dumps the material into a hopper. A plow then comes out and pushes the material towards the cab of the truck. Sizes of containers for this truck vary from 90 gallon up to 6 cubic yards. These trucks are also used for residential pick up.

Front Load Truck

A front load style truck drives forward to the can and hooks it with two “arms” on the front of the truck. The truck then lifts the container up over the cab and dumps it into the top of the truck. The plow then compacts the material towards the back of the truck. These trucks are generally larger and heavier than the rear-load variety and thus, are less maneuverable. Sizes of containers for these trucks vary from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards.

Roll-Off Trucks

A roll-off style truck is for hauling large rectangular “boxes” generally used for construction debris or large volume waste removal projects. The truck backs up to the container and the bed of the truck is then raised. The driver will hook a cable to the box and the cable will pull the box onto the truck’s rails. Sizes of these boxes vary from 12 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.


A hook style truck is basically a smaller version of a roll-off truck. The hook truck has a shorter bed length and a long arm with a hook o it. It uses this arm and hook to grab the container and raise it onto the bed. It is used to haul 12 cubic yard containers only. Since the truck has a shorter bed length, it is used for large volume waste projects that are restricted space-wise from using the larger construction boxes.

Portable Toilet Service Truck

This truck is used to service the portable toilets we have for rent for businesses and residents throughout the area. We have construction, event, and handi-cap portable toilets for rent. We also have wash stations available upon request.

Service Truck

The service truck is used to service all the equipment we rent on site as well as our vehicles to make sure our customers are served. Our shop staff can service any piece of equipment you rent from us.

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